How to Unclog A Delta-8 Cart

How to Unclog A Delta-8 Cart

Tired of your delta 8 vape pen cartridge clogging or not hitting properly?

In this article, we’ll break down why it happens, what you can do to fix it, and how you can prevent it from happening in the first place.

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Why does my Delta-8 cart clog?

Delta-8 distillate is a very dense liquid often times containing a carrier oil such as MCT Oil.

Firing up your cart causes the dense liquid to become a little lighter. 

But the heating process is also responsible for that magical experience you enjoy when you vape. 

Clogging happens as your cart adjusts to extreme temperatures, which is common when you leave it in a hot or cold car.

Also, the Delta-8 cartridge comes with many tiny holes or pores, which can easily become clogged if you vape regularly.

Reasons for Cart Clogging

Carts, in general, clog for a few reasons. Here are the most common ones.

  • Condensation

Condensation can build up in the cart’s airway. Over time, it can block the mouthpiece and make it difficult for vapor to pass through when you take your hit. And this can lead to bitter vape juice filling your mouth. Yuck!

  • Type of oil

Oil viscosity is another culprit, and here’s how it works. 

Thin oil has a lower viscosity and travels easier at low temperatures than thicker oil. Thicker oil has a higher viscosity and, therefore, greater resistance, making its flow slower. 

If your vape has lower oil viscosity, the oil can flow into the air spaces, blocking them as a result. Oh, and in case you’re wondering what viscosity means, it’s simply the oil’s resistance level. 

  • Temperature Changes (too hot or too cold)

Temperature plays a crucial role in oil viscosity indicated previously. 

Extreme temperature and fluctuations can cause your cart to clog. 

That’s because the oil becomes thinner as it warms and thicker as it cools. In simple terms, make sure your vape does not get hot or cold. 

Just store it in a cool (not cold), dry place whenever possible!

  • Chamber Floods

Chamber flooding happens when your vape cart sits around for too long.

 Room temperature is enough to cause the Delta-8 distillate to thicken over time without regular use. 

The thick distillate can enter the bottom of the cart and oversaturate the wick. 

And this makes it difficult for the vape to reach the right heating temperature needed to vaporize the liquid. 

Just make sure to give your vape a fire somewhat regularly, even if you’re not hitting it, and don’t let it just sit there for months.

  • Not Storing It Right

Because temperature changes can cause your cart to clog, you want to store it at room temperature. 

Tips to Unclog Your Cartridge

So, hopefully, you now know what clogs your cartridge. But how can you unclog when the harm is already done? Below are some surefire tips you can use. 

  • Pull Without Heat

Try pulling the air softly without heating the cart. Doing this can cause the clog to move through the airway with enough pressure to clear it.

  • Warm it up

You can also preheat your cart enough to warm the oil and dissolve the clog. But if you don’t have a preheat function on your Delta-8 cart, get a hairdryer (yes, a hairdryer!) and aim it at your cart for a few seconds. But make sure the vape stands vertically to allow the oil to escape through the airway.

  • Remove Liquid

You can also clear the mouthpiece before each hit to remove any moisture or liquid. Also known as taking a “dry” heat, this option can prevent condensation buildup and clear the mouthpiece.

  • Clean It Out

You can also consider cleaning out the mouthpiece with the help of a Q-Tip or a small piece of a cotton pad. But don’t wait until your cart clogs before you do this. Try cleaning your mouthpiece as often as possible, but not after every hit, as that will take the fun out of your vaping experience. 

  • Use Tools

Understandably, reaching those tiny spaces in your cart can be tricky. But a few handy tools can help. For example, a long thin object like a toothpick or paper clip can do the trick. Stick the object gently into the mouthpiece and carefully move it around your mouthpiece’s inner sides to scrape and remove excess oil.

  • BONUS: Fix Your Flooded Cart

As mentioned earlier, chamber flooding can also cause your cart to clog. Whatever the cause, you can use a few tips to fix it.

  • Shake the Cart Side to Side

Believe it or not, shaking your cart from side to side can help fix chamber flooding issues. Doing this can dislodge any excess liquid while dispersing it evenly. The motion of shaking mixes up all the layers that settled over time from lack of regular use. Plus, it creates tiny bubbles inside the liquid, which can help improve vapor production flavor over time. So that’s a win-win. 

  • Blow Into It

You can clear as much excess liquid or oil as possible by blowing into the cart. If your cart is refillable, try removing the chamber to make it easier to get rid of excess liquid from the wick and coil. Once done, reassemble it. But if you don’t know your way around the cart mechanics, just stick to the blowing. There’s no need to destroy your vape trying to remove the chamber.  

  • Warm It Up (No Inhaling)

After blowing out the excess liquid from the chamber, you can fire up your vape or warm it up without inhaling. Do this on the button for one or two seconds to vaporize any excess liquid in the chamber without burning the wick.

Prevent Your Cart From Clogging

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. And you can apply this principle if you’re tired of dealing with clogging issues in your cart. Here are a few ways you can prevent your cart from clogging.

  • Choose A Good Cart

Quality is everything when it comes to the ultimate vaping experience. With so many Delta-8 carts flooding the market, you need to take the time to find a good one with high quality. Low-quality carts are more likely to clog, so be careful where you buy your vaping products from.

  • Store Your Cart Vertically

No one is suggesting you vape 24/7; there are other important things to do. So if you’re thinking about getting out of the zone and putting your vape away for a while, store it in a vertical position (standing upright) to reduce the risks of clogs. You might also consider storing your Delta-8 cart away from direct sunlight.

  • Store It At Room Temperature

Cold temperatures can cause the oil or liquid inside to thicken and even crystalize, leading to clogs. It’s best to store your vape at room temperature to prevent this. Oh, and don’t forget to replace the vape cap over the mouthpiece after each use. That will prevent debris from finding its way in.

  • Draw Air Without Firing

You can take your hits without firing up the cart. While this technique can help unclog it, it can also prevent the clogging from occurring in the first place.

  • Use It Every So Often

Be sure to use your vape regularly. After all, that’s why you bought it, right? Again, no one forces you to vape every second of the day, but indulging every so often can make it harder for the cart to clog.

  • Take Slower, Smaller Hits

Take softer, slower, and smaller hits, as this can also prevent your Delta-8 cart from getting clogged. When you pull too hard, you risk drawing too much oil into the vape’s airway, which can cause clogging or airway flooding and ruin the moment. Also, slower, smaller, and softer hits will help make your cart last longer, which is a plus.

  • Use Tools

Aside from cleaning your mouthpiece, you can also use tools to prevent clogging. You can use any of the small tools mentioned earlier. But be careful when sticking anything in your cart. You can easily damage it if you poke anything too deeply inside any part of your vape.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Delta 8 Addiction 

  • How do you unclog a mouthpiece of a cart?

You can remove your cart carefully from the battery and gently clean any residual oil, visible clumps, or any other blockage. a paperclip, an alcohol wipe, or a floss pick are excellent tools. You can also find tools specially designed for the purpose from your local vaping store. 

  • Why do my carts clog?

Several things can cause your cart to clog. But the most common cause is condensation buildup inside the airway or air holes. This can clog the mouthpiece over time, making it difficult for vapor to pass through as you take a hit. 


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