Does Hemp Flower have THC?

Does Hemp Flower have THC?
We know hemp flower is not cannabis, but does it still contain the same cannabinoids like THC? Yes, hemp flower does contain THC in small amounts, the legal requirement is that hemp flower can not contain more than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC. Read this article to find out the similarities and differences between cannabis and hemp flower.

How are Cannabis and Hemp Flower different?

Hemp and cannabis are the same species of plant, the main differences between the two is how they’re bred to decrease or increase the amounts of THC or CBD present in the plant. Both cannabis and hemp product CBD and THC. Hemp plants have a higher value of CBD or Cannabidiol where as cannabis has a higher concentration of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the active compound in cannabis that gives the user the “high”. CBD flower despite being low in THC values can still be effective for several mental and physical discomforts.

How to know if Hemp Flower is right for you.

If you’ve tried cannabis and had an adverse reaction to it, like heightened anxiety or nausea you may be concerned about how much THC is in hemp flower. The amount of THC present in hemp flower legally must be below 0.3% which is 3 mg per gram, typically traditional cannabis contains around 20% THC or 200 mg per gram. Meaning if you smoked an entire 1 gram joint by yourself you would have consumed 200mg of THC. The amounts of THC in hemp flower are so low that they do not produce a “high”. Although if you are concerned about failing a urinalysis for employment or otherwise, it is best to avoid THC altogether or consult with the testing facility at your discretion whether using hemp products could affect your results. It is best to abstain from products containing THC than to put yourself at risk.

Understanding a Certificate of Analysis 

To wrap up, here’s how you can spot the Delta-9 THC content in a COA. Certificates of Analysis or COAs are lab certified documents of the cannabinoid content of a hemp flower strain or product like tincture or gummies. There are many different cannabinoids that can be tested for and have individual benefits but for this example we’re just going to focus on hemp flower and Delta-9 THC concentrations. In the photo below you can see the Delta-9 THC percentage and the mg/per gram below it. Keep in mind that all of Gold CBD’s flower COAs will be per gram.

Does Hemp Flower have THC?


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