Delta 8 Dosage Chart: How Much You Should Take (Tips + Guide)

Delta 8 Dosage Chart: How Much You Should Take (Tips + Guide)

 Understanding how Delta 8 THC dosage works will go a long way to promoting a safer and more enjoyable experience of consuming the psychoactive cannabinoid. 

We’ll break down everything you need to know.

Delta 8 THC Dose Chart - Gold CBD

Delta 8 comes in several forms ranging from vapes to infused flower, and gummies. Here at Gold CBD, we offer a range of products. 

Before using them, consulting the info below is advised.

Note that dosage also depends on your bodyweight (more on that below), but here are some general guidelines.

Gold CBD Delta 8 Gummy Dose Chart




25mg per gummy

Half a gummy (12.5mg)

One gummy (25mg)

Two gummies (50mg)

50mg per gummy

Half a gummy (25mg)

One gummy (50mg)

Two gummies (100mg)

Gold CBD Delta 8 Vapes Dose Chart

Please note we currently only sell 500mg Delta 8 Vapes.




300mg (10mg per 1ml)

0.5ml / 5mg

1ml / 10mg

2ml / 20mg

600mg (20mg per 1ml)

0.5ml / 10mg

1ml / 20mg

2ml / 40mg

1200mg (40mg per 1ml)

0.5ml / 20mg

1ml / 40mg

2ml / 80mg

Delta 8 THC Dosage Chart Guidelines

Delta 8 Dosage Chart: How Much You Should Take (Tips +

The Delta 8 THC dosage charts above provide valuable insight, but it is equally important to align the dosage with your desired results with the following info:

Strong Doses

While most Delta 8 THC users will stay on a regular dose, some consumers will seek a dosage that is equivalent to 20-150mg. However, anyone looking to increase their dose should only step up 5-10mg at a time - even that small increment can yield a very different response and experience.

Starting Dose

First-time and inexperienced Delta 8 THC consumers should opt for a low quantity of 5-15 mg. This will allow for some experimentation of how your body responds to the psychoactive elements of the hemp-based substance. 

Most people prefer to start small, and slowly increase the dose until they reach their desired level of feeling.


Potency matters because it determines how long the effects will be felt for. However, different products and consumption methods have different metabolizing rates, meaning you might not feel the effects right away. 

Orally ingested Delta 8 can last for up to 8 hours while topicals and inhaling are up to 4 hours. 

Sublingual use can last for 6 hours.


Pacing your consumption is another key factor; as not allowing enough time between doses could mean that you accidentally exceed your tolerance. 

When inhaling, you only have to wait 90 seconds to notice the effects. 

For topicals, you should wait 15 minutes while sublinguals have a 30-minute onset period. 

For oral consumables, the time is 90 minutes.

How Much Delta 8 Should You Take?

Delta 8 Dosage Chart: How Much You Should Take (Tips +

Several factors can influence how much Delta 8 you should take, such as your age, metabolism, frequency of use, natural tolerance, and when you last ate.

However, the following guidelines for quantities based on weight should provide a good starting point and the intended outcome should help:

  • 80lbs - 5mg for mild effects, 15mg for strong effects.
  • 100lbs - 6mg for mild effects, 20mg for strong effects.
  • 120lbs - 8mg for mild effects, 27mg for strong effects.
  • 140lbs - 9mg for mild effects, 32mg for strong effects.
  • 160lbs - 10mg for mild effects, 36mg for strong effects.
  • 180lbs - 12mg for mild effects, 40mg for strong effects.
  • 200lbs - 13mg for mild effects, 45mg for strong effects.
  • 220lbs - 14mg for mild effects, 50mg for strong effects.
  • 240lbs - 15mg for mild effects, 54mg for strong effects.
  • 260lbs - 17mg for mild effects, 60mg for strong effects.

How Long Does It Take Delta 8 To Kick In?

While the experiences may vary slightly from one person to the next, a general rule is that ingested Delta 8 (gummies and other consumables) will take 45-60 minutes to take effect while sublingual edibles can deliver a high in 15-30 minutes. 

Vaped Delta 8 can work in just 90 seconds but may deliver a short-term high.

Delta 8 THC Dosage Chart - Is It The Same For All Products?

When looking at Delta 8 THC products, you may assume that they all affect the body in an identical fashion as long as the dosage is the same. 

However, the body metabolizes and reacts to different products in contrasting ways. The dosage is measured in milligrams regardless of the delivery method.


Edibles like gummies will clearly label the potency per gummy (or equivalent). Most edibles can be easily cut into halves or quarters too. So, if the full product will take you above your tolerance level, be sure to split the product accordingly.


When inhaling Delta 8, the vape packet will detail the potency level. However, you should make note of how your body reacts as your lung capacity and style of inhaling could increase or reduce the dosage gained per puff.

Is Delta 8 Dosage The Same As CBD Dosage?

Delta 8 Dosage Chart: How Much You Should Take (Tips +

If you have previously used CBD, you may be tempted to follow the same dosage strategy. Don’t. Delta 8 is more potent, which is why first-time users should begin with the starter dose and work up until they discover their natural tolerance levels.

Can You Overdose On Delta 8?

Technically, yes. However, a Delta 8 dose won’t be lethal (in fact, no cases have ever been reported) and is most likely to leave you with symptoms like red eyes, a lack of focus, dizziness, dry mouth, and an upset stomach. 

Delta 8 THC Legalities

Since passing the Agricultural Improvement Act in 2018, Delta 8 THC products that contain no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC (the main compound in marijuana) are legal across the U.S.

Is Delta 8 The Same As Marijuana?

No. The active chemical in Marijuana is Delta-9 THC that derives from the cannabis plant, which is why it is only legal in states that have passed local bills. 

Delta 8 derives from the hemp variant of the cannabis plant, thus making it federally legal in all states as long as the Delta-9 THC levels do not exceed 0.3%.

Delta 8 Dosage Chart - Summary

Delta 8 THC is available in several forms, giving you ample opportunity to tailor the experience according to your preferences. 

Whether it’s gummies, vapes, or flower, selecting the right dosage will be vital. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to start low and make incremental upgrades until you reach the level that’s right for you.

Alternatively, if you still need support, get in touch with the Gold CBD team to find the right products today.


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