How to leave a Review

How to leave a Review


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Peter Lozado

I purchased the Moon Rocks, and I have to say I love it!! It gives me the most relaxed feeling and surprisingly a little boost of energy, like I can do anything but I’m calm about it. Definitely gonna buy it again!!!

Rebeca F Bennett

The 1000mg Hemp drops are awesome. I began around mine months ago taking this product. I was prediabetic with an A1C of 7.5. After taking the hemp oil for 7 months and my A1C is now 6.0. I am so grateful to you for this product. It is literally saving my life! Thank you


I bought 1000mg Hemp Stix “BOLD” and one “CALM” 100mh Hemp stix cone. They truly work! I felt so relaxed after a few hours of skating. Will definitely be buying again and trying more products :)

Peter lozado

I just purchased the Moonrocks and they finally came, (and all the pun intended)but I am feeling out of this world. I’m going to only and keep buying from you guys because it’s the best and the wait time for the shipping wasn’t that long, totally worth the wait.


I Love Sour Space Candy ….. Thank You Gold !
I’m Very Happy !


Because its the best product on the market!!!!


Cbg an the thought of moon rocks! Sounds like a winning combo!


I use cbd flower to relax and help with body soreness! Love your product super high quality!

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